The NBA season is fast approaching and many of us are wondering what will happen to our favourite teams and players. Will D-Rose come back to lead his hometown Bulls to the big show the fans so crave? Or can the young upstart OKC Thunder go the extra step and win it all? Can Miami repeat… why wouldn’t they!? I mean they added Ray Allen to an already stacked roster. Are the Gold standard olympians going to suffer from fabled post olympics fatigue? Will the Knicks work out the Melo-Amare conundrum? How long will it take before Jeremy Lin to get going, if at all? Can the bobcats get any worse?

All these questions are important but the main source of conversation this off-season has been one thing and one thing only. Thats right, the Lakers. The showtime Lakers are back in L.A adding D-Howard and Nash to give Kobe the firepower he clearly needs. This team should get anywhere north of 60 wins. Ron Artest must feel like an afterthought when it comes to starting 5 intros. It will be fun to see if they Lakers can live up to the hype after a poor preseason. We are in for a great season as the NBA is in touching distance of a golden era full of star players and great teams. Compare MJ, Bird and Magic to guys like Lebron, Durant and Chris Paul and its easy to see why fans love the NBA. We can’t wait to find out what happens.

Predictions in preseason are always hard but I am going to run down my picks for individual accolades and run through why they could do it;

MVP: Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers
I feel the Clippers could only be inspired by their neighbours leading to a career year for CP3 fresh off his shiny gold medal

Defensive player of the year: Dwight Howard, Los Angeles Lakers
This is a no brainer as he is a monster defending the paint. The Lakers could have done with him protecting the rim against KD35 and co. in the playoffs.

ROY: Bradley Beal, Washington Wizards
I see this guy as a future star, he has the basketball IQ of a veteran Tim Duncan and the fearless nature of a prime Allen Iverson, add to this his money-in-the-bank jumper. His 3 turnovers in preseason play and 16ppg average suggest instant impact.

Most improved: Javale McGee, Denver Nuggets
This 7foot athletic freak has always hated the word ‘potential’ but he is ready to play more minutes under coach Karl and learn from him. This mentoring should lead to a huge spike in his game averages and smarter overall team defense.


5 responses to “NBA PREVIEW 2012/13

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    • Yeh I fully agree its his year and he will dominate, but MVP with Westbrook and harden could be hard to justify… just have a sneak feeling the clippers will have a great reg season in which cp3 could pick it up. What’s your thoughts on the other predictions?

  2. What was you saying about harden……. Man I think Rondo could be the one to watch this year agree with your other picks though dude, think Davis may get Rook

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