Accident Waiting To Happen?

On Sunday night Tony Romo and his Dallas Cowboys travelled to the then 7-0 Atlanta Falcons. A game that Romo himself admitted ‘we left some opportunities out there.’ The Cowboys have been plagued by inconsistent performances from their sizzling win against the Giants, to somehow losing a game against the Ravens. Had Dez Bryant kept himself inbounds then Romo’s lack of a clutch gene probably wouldn’t of reared its ugly head, but it is a head that needs to be reared as quite simply put the Dallas Cowboys just aren’t that good… infact, it gets much worse for Romo. one playoff win in his 6 seasons in this league, and yet his team are ‘America’s Team’ and certain to make the playoffs. You want to know what else is certain. The Cowboys would get bounced out in the first road. The problems don’t just lay at Romo’s feet, but in this passing league, it is easy to see why he gets the blame. Coming back to the Cowboys as a Franchise, Jerry Jones the cowboys owner, doesn’t help with his constant interference within the franchise. The rest of the Cowboys apart from a few studs just simply that good.

On Monday Night Football the Philadelphia Eagles lost on the road to the New Orleans Saints ofcourse without coach Sean Payton. Another QB under pressure is Michael Vick. Michael Vick has had his problems in the past, obviously i don’t need to elaborate anymore on that. Compared to a ‘slot machine’ by the ever vocal ESPN analyst Skip Bayless, Vick numbers seem to back up this with 9 picks and 10 fumbles already this year, the defense of any team know if they hit Vick they have a chance at recovering the football. Their was even clamour for backup QB Nick Foles to start ahead of Vick, yet that becomes a game of ‘Russian Roulette’ in respect to start Nick Foles and hope you run into one of those Johnny Unitas/Steve Young/Tom Brady/Kurt Warner/Aaron Rodgers situations. Or one of those Earl Morrall/Jim Plunkett/Jeff Hostetler situations.

so who do you think in more trouble?



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