NBA PLAYOFFS- Eastern Conference 1/4 finals


Miami Heat(1) v Millwaukee Bucks(8)

This series should be a whitewash by the ‘white hot’ Heat. As much as I love the young Bucks team they just don’t have a defence capable of slowing the free scoring Heat. The Bucks dont have someone to guard Lebron which will be the deciding factor of this series. LBJ will have a plethora of options to pass to and will get to the rim at will.

Scott Speed: Heat 4-0
Sam Hudson: Heat 4-1

New York Knicks(2) v Boston Celtics(7)

I Admire the Celtics. They have a mental toughness that exudes their Coach’s personality. With Rondo this series would be must watch TV. However with Rondo the C’s would simply not be a lowly 7th seed. Jeff Green is primed for a breakout series, but the old guard of Pierce and KG will be overwhelmed by the 3 point barrage that the Knicks will put on them. this will be very tough. but in the end the Celtics will fall short.
Scott Speed: Knicks 4-2
Sam Hudson:Celtics 4-3

Indiana Pacers(3) v Atlantic Hawks(6)

The pacers are a very good team at home and the Hawks are not the greatest road tteam. The hawks need to go Horford more but i feel Josh Smith take too many jump shots and offense wont be able to produce enough points. Paul George of the Pacers is having a career year and i think he is a future superstar. Expect him to takeover.
Scott Speed: Pacers 4-1
Sam Hudson:Pacers 4-2

Brooklyn Nets(4) v Chicago Bulls(5)

This is the game that has the most game 7 potential. If the Bulls can split the games in Brooklyn then the Bulls will be very confident that they can get out of this series. I think that Deron, Brook and Joe will play huge however the Bulls have done this before and D-Rose coming back mid series will push the savvy Bulls through in 7. watch out for Noah and Lopez as the key matchup.
Scott Speed: Bulls 4-3
Sam Hudson: Bulls 4-2


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