Don’t Forget about ‘Dre


It was like being down the YMCA watching the veteran Andre Miller go to work on the fresh faced Warriors backcourt. He posted a monster 28 points off the bench in 27 minutes whilst dropping 5 dimes off 11/16. He was huge.

Down the stretch Dre was showing off his array of savvy post moves including spins, head fakes and the odd ‘up and under’ move. With 15 seconds to go the Warriors had levelled the game at 95-95 and this is where Miller took the game into his own hands quite literally.

Im sure the Warriors were planning for an Igoudala or Lawson drive. However Dre went to the hoop and made a scooping lay in for the game winner which sent the fans berserk. It was a huge shot that gives the Nuggets the 1-0 lead.

One thing you can bet is that Steph Curry and Co. wont forget about ‘Dre next time.

Game 2 is Tuesday 23rd April at 10.30pm Eastern Time in Denver.


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