NBA Regular Season 2012/13 Awards



The 2013 season reverted to an 82 game season after the a lock out shortened 2012. It’s been a long gruelling season for the 30 NBA Teams and with 16 still standing thatballgame will run you through the key points from the season. 2013 has had its memorable points Harden’s Explosion on opening night, Steph Curry dropping 50 at the Garden and of course the LeBron James’ led Heat Streak. So here we go the 2013 regular season awards:


LeBron James – LeBron was at his monstrous best this year having averaged 26.8 points, 8 rebounds, 7.3 assists, 1.7 steals and 0.9 blocks in his 76 contests as well as leading his Heatles to the 2nd all time streak (27).

Honorable mention Carmelo Anthony – ‘Melo finally had a big season in the big apple leading the league in scoring whilst taking his team to the 2nd seed with a record of 54-28.

Rookie of the Year:

Damian Lillard – The Blazers rookie guard is a landslide for this one, averaging 19 points, 6.5 Assists and 3.1 rebounds and played the second most minutes in the NBA behind Kevin Durant.


Sixth Man of the Year:

J.R Smith – Another reason why the Knicks have been so good is because of J.R Smith, even though he comes of the bench he plays starters minutes.


Defensive Player of the Year:

Luol Deng – Great Britain’s own Luol Deng takes this with his agility and the way he contests almost every shot. He guards the oppositions lead scorer night in and night out whilst only giving up 1.4 fouls a game. There’s the reason he plays so many minutes.

Coach of the Year:

Tom Thibodeau – The much celebrated ‘bench mob’ got broken up and in came unproven athletes, veterans thought to be past their prime and NBA journeymen, add this to the D-Rose injury plus others such as Noah, Hamilton and Hinrich and yet for the most part the Bulls haven’t missed a beat.


Most Improved Player: Paul George – Superstar year for George who went to the All Star game, as well as leading his Pacers to the third seed.

Stand Out Achievement Individual:

Steph Curry – For breaking Ray Allen’s single season 3 point record.


Stand Out Achievement Team:

Miami Heat– For the 27 game win streak which was 2nd all time in NBA.


Breakout Star:


James Harden – Fresh off his 6th man of the year award last year, Harden has took it up a notch, winning Olympic gold and of course his opening night explosion.

Biggest Surprise:

New York Knicks – Melo took his Knicks from the 8th seed last season to the 2nd this, that is why the Knicks get this award.


Biggest Disapointment

 L.A. Lakers – To only just scrape into the playoffs with 4 future hall of famers in nothing short of disappointing for the Lakers, but hey, at least they made it.

All NBA 1st Team
Chris Paul, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan.

All NBA 2nd Team
Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard.

ALL NBA Defensive Team
Avery Bradley, Iman Shumpert, Luol Deng, Kevin Garnett, Tyson Chandler.

Below is a montage of the 2012/13 NBA regular season.


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